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    Sciatica? Read the Latest Sciatica Advisory
    The details on an exciting new approach to treating back pain and sciatica that recent research has proven to be far more effective than all other treatments available

    Visiting Nurse Service of New York
    A not-for-profit home health care agency providing a full range of home health care services targeting New York state residents.
     Web pages:

    1  Blood Pressure Treatment Info
    Information on how renin can affect your blood pressure, and new high blood pressure treatments that can control your renin levels.

    2  Blood Sugar Levels and Type 2 Diabetes Medication
    Learn about type 2 diabetes, including symptoms and treatment. Find out how Starlix, an oral medication to control mealtime blood sugar spikes, can help you meet your HbA1c goal

    3  Breast Cancer Information
    Learn about breast cancer and tamoxifen. Find out about breast cancer treatments and breast cancer research. Find out about estrogren receptors and more including a breast cancer glossary. Options to prevent breast cancer recurrence.

    4  Cystic Fibrosis Treatment Information
    An online community for people of all ages living with CF providing patient education, inspiration, and connection, featuring videos, interactive games and more for children, teens, adults, parents and caregivers.

    5  Eczema Treatment
    Learn more about Protopic ointment and how Protopic helps treat eczema and itchy skin.

    6  HIV Virus and HIV Treatment Information
    Information HIV, AIDS, and anti-retroviral medication Viramune (nevirapine).

    7  HIV Wasting Syndrome Treatment
    Learn more about Megace ES, a medication indicated for the treatment of anorexia (loss of appetite), cachexia (severe malnutrition) or an unexplained, significant weight loss in patients with AIDS.

    8  Medicare Part D Help for Seniors
    A website designed especially for seniors offering information on a

    9  Menopause
    A discussion of the difference between natural and surgical-induced menopause from VivelleDot.com.

    10  Moderate and Severe Eczema Treatment
    Protopic ointment helps to treat moderate to severe eczema which affects millions of eczema sufferers.

    11  Tobi Time
    Repeated lung infections from Pseudomonas aeruginosa are the leading cause of decreasing lung function in people with cystic fibrosis. Learn more about them and how they may be treated with TOBI (Tobramycin Inhalation Solution, USP).

    12  TRILEPTAL for Epilepsy Seizure Control
    TRILEPTAL increases seizure control with minimal treatment complexities. Learn about types of seizures, epilepsy diagnosis, living with epilepsy and what epilepsy treatment may be right for you.

    13  Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms and treatment
    Learn about ulcerative colitis, including symptoms and treatment. Find out how Asacol is used for the treatment of mild to moderately severe colitis. Learn more about ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease of the colon, including symptoms and treatment.
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